The Meme of the Month

The Meme of the Month: Ken Bone (Reuters/Rick Wilking) After his astute question at the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Ken Bone, a man with a kind face and a red sweater, became an internet sensation. He has since gained an

Co-Curricular Week: Successful or Restful?

The week of October 3rd marked Branson’s first co-curricular week. It was three full days dedicated to all aspects of wellness education. Although the days were different for each Branson class, students participated in a variety of community engagement activities, listened to several distinguished speakers,

Tradition, Honor and Spirit?

A daily schedule at Branson leaves no free time, unless you’re genius. With tons of homework, demanding sports, and extracurriculars after school, there is just not enough time. In our impossibly busy days, it would be a miracle to relax with friends and not worry

Countdown to the Election

Countdown to the Election By Adriana Golden photo from USA today, 6/7/2016 As the final week before the election looms before the candidates, the American electorate has shifted once more. Between Donald Trump’s recently-released tape of lewd comments about groping women to Hillary Clinton’s private

Time is Fleeting: Sleep Schedules in High School

Senior year has been really busy, and since the end of the summer my sleep habits have devolved into something really unfortunate. Weighed down with homework, college applications, and tennis, I haven’t been able to find much time to sleep. Recently I’ve thought a lot