Restorative Justice in Marin: Youth Court

In 2015 I signed up for a program called Youth Court at Branson’s Community Engagement Fair. I didn’t come around to attending one of the trials until last month when I found myself free on a Thursday night and decided to try it out. Teenagers

The Meme of the Month: Biden and Obama

Many shocked Americans turned to humor to process the results of the most recent presidential election. Internet-users are imagining how the current President and Vice President may be reacting to the news themselves.

The Dickens Fair

Christmas, 1851. London. Emerging from the fog, a woman in a green satin gown ducks into the doorway of a shop. Pausing among the holly-bedecked shelves, she pulls out her iPhone. “Siri, where is Pickwick Place?” Welcome to the Dickens Fair. For a few weekends

The “Holiday” Spirit

When Branson students hesitantly stepped back onto campus after Thanksgiving break, we were greeted by a cheerful array of holiday decorations. Massive wreaths were hung on the windows of the Commons, red, green, and gold ornaments dangled from the trees in the quad, and several

Cheating in High School Tennis

A basketball player takes one too many steps without dribbling and immediately pauses. “I’m sorry, I travelled!” she announces, handing the ball over to the other team. A baseball player slides into home plate, clinching his team’s victory. “No, you’re out,” the catcher tells him

America… what next?

The Branson community reeled after the election of Donald J. Trump. S.T.R.I.V.E. leaders Sophia Leswing, Alexander Bates, and Saani Borge put up a poster where students could share their thoughts and emotions. Photo credit: Adriana Golden Once the post-election shock wore off, the planet was

Thanksgiving: Turkey and Traditions

  In elementary school, every American student learns about the (somewhat unsavory) story behind Thanksgiving. In the fall of 1621 the famous (but arguably cruel) pilgrims of Plymouth Rock feasted with the (unsuspecting) Wampanoag Native Americans. Since that historic date, a well-kept tradition of food,