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Branson Heads for Stability

Having recently announced Christina Mazzola as its new Head of School, Branson concluded a nearly year-long search for its next permanent leader. Transitioning from two Interim Heads, Damon Kerby and Ellen Moceri, the school hopes Ms. Mazzola will bring a degree of long-term stability to

Branson Wave Continues to Confound Community

Nearly everyone on campus knows the “wave” by now. Sometimes a tsunami of work, sometimes a false tidal wave transforming into a calm swell of tasks. At its worst, students at Branson face weeks in which the end doesn’t seem visible, time moves like molasses,

Students Respond to Dean Porter’s Departure

In an unexpected email on Tuesday, Interim Head of School Ellen Moceri announced that Dean of Students and Freshmen Susan Porter would no longer be working at Branson. Many students expressed their feelings about the news over the past few days by placing post-it notes and

New Mural a Step Forward for On-Campus Art at Branson

Take a stroll down the open walkway that connect Branson’s lower circle to its hub of classrooms, and it likely won’t take long to notice the colossal array of vibrant colors and symbols that adorns an entire wall of the school’s gym. Continue another hundred

Branson Appoints Its Next Head of School

Branson has chosen Christina Mazzola as its next Head of School. She will begin her tenure as Branson’s Head of School in July of 2016. Head search committee members made the announcement to both students and faculty during an October 19 assembly. Dean, Spanish teacher,

Dress Code Conversation Reveals Consensus and Differences

Now that student and faculty initiatives have opened discussions concerning the dress code and the possibility of changing it, many members of the Branson community have participated in thoughtful debate. While the subject might seem one likely to pit faculty against students, recent feedback suggest the

Girls Fear Dress Code Reforms

Amid the discussion about Branson’s dress code, many girls worry that any change to school policy could unfairly target them for wearing clothing of their choosing. The current dress code states that students cannot dress in an “overly revealing” way, but does not specifically state

Branson Deems Field Gamble Worthwhile

Branson took a leap of faith last week by initiating construction on what will soon become its new artificially turfed athletics field. Completion of the ambitious $1.2 million initiative is currently scheduled for November 22, though that date may be subject to change. School officials

New Teacher Profile: Courtney Duke

New Teacher Profile: Courtney Duke Courtney Duke is a new member of the English Department at Branson and teaches American Lit. I (B Block) and English I (C Block).  She also works in the Rand Center and consequently doesn’t have that many blocks free.  Her