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¡Vamos a Nicaragua!

On the night of February 12, a small group of nine Branson students (including myself) and two Branson faculty members met in SFO to begin their journey over ski week into foreign land. Seven hours later, we all stood on Nicaraguan soil eager (OK…also a bit

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day approaches again,considered a day of love and closeness, also contains traces of tension. The festivity around campus is not dampened by that fact and acts as a clear reminder of the yearly occurrence. In the commons, cafe adds mention of sweets, and large

Branson To Build a Makers Lab

  Branson plans to open its new Makers Lab to the community between late January and early-to-mid February, with the stated goal of bringing Branson into the 21st century technologically.  School officials say the converted Old Dining Hall will provide an open space with tables and equipment

Study Suggests Students Out of Touch with iPads

  Like every incoming student at Branson, senior Ellery Carbone received an iPad her freshman year. However, her device didn’t last too long: “I haven’t used my iPad since freshman year. It broke and I never got it fixed. I’ve used my computer since sophomore

Food for Thought: Examining Branson’s Kitchen

During the lunch hour, a meandering line threads its way through a maze of tables towards the two serving stations at the rear of Branson’s Commons. Holding a conversation amid the babble of excited voices, students create their meals, choosing from beds of organic lettuce, steaming soups,

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Branson Volleyball Advances to State

Updated 1:51 pm 12/3/15 Branson Volleyball advanced to State after a come from behind victory in the Norcal Finals on Tuesday night. Branson lost the first two games, but rallied to win the match, taking the final three games from rival Notre Dame of Salinas.

Interim Head of Admissions Shares His Branson Experience

Having worked at Branson for 15 years, Nathalio Gray was recently-named interim head of admissions, replacing Annie Tsang. He has played many different roles in the community and shared a bit about his experience at the school. How did you end up at Branson and

Branson Questions AP Future

Branson did not offer an AP Modern World History class this fall trimester for the first time in recent memory. The decision reflects a trend of fewer Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings at the school, as well as a debate over whether or not Branson’s