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Looking Back at It: My Time at Branson

I never thought I’d be sentimental about high school. For so long, I told people how excited I was to go to college and get out of Marin. But, with graduation less than two months away, I find myself conflicted. Branson has been my home

Opinion: Save Our Meme

Regardless of your personal stance on the naming of the MEME Center, the naming process has become much more than intended. It has become about the upholding of democracy, the keeping of promises, and the right to free speech. The argument that the students do

Opinion: Should You Go to College?

Yes. That is the automatic response that the vast majority, if not all, of Branson students will give if posed that question.  Not only is that what we are essentially trained to say in response, but many Americans consider that a hypothetical or rhetorical question.

A Defense of Rap

About a month ago, The Blazer published an editorial criticizing explicit lyrics in Rap music, which can be found here. After taking Malik Ali’s History of Hip Hop class, I felt a need to respond. In the movie Straight Outta Compton, there is a scene where

Crafting Holiday Presents

As the holiday season approaches, present-buying season comes with it, hand in hand. The malls become more crowded, with the constant bustle of holiday shoppers, and prices skyrocket because of demand. And, of course, some people find shopping with the big crowds fun. But what

Later Start Greater Smarts

Many high schools across the nation start at, or even before 8:00 in the morning. Dragging drowsy teenagers out of bed before their brain can fully wake up is not conducive at all to high school learning and academic performance. Branson needs to shift its

Why the Warriors will be League Champions… Again

The Golden State Warriors are the talk of the sports world after last year’s 67-­win season. Although some criticize the team for having ‘an easy title run’, or ‘lucking out with injuries’, I, on the other hand, as a die­hard basketball fan, can say with

Marin’s Law Breaking Biker Epidemic

Many bikers in Marin do not heed traffic laws, which endangers them and everyone else at intersections. It is frustrating, dangerous, and scary to drive behind an erratic biker because they rarely behave how a car would. Bikers must follow the same laws that cars