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A “Bittersweet” End: Phil’s Time at Branson

It was an ideal March morning at Branson. The air was brisk, the sky a pure blue, and and the grass green from a rainy winter. Phil Gutierrez, the Director of Development, ambled down the brick steps and approached the Commons, taking in the beauty

Senior Capstone Snapshots

By Grace Dailey and Amanda Douglas It’s been five weeks since the seniors finished their last classes at Branson and left campus to begin their Capstone Projects. A tradition in one form or another for more than 30 years, seniors finish their classes 6 weeks

Jasmine Klein - Photo by Paulina Prosnitz

Three Seniors’ Parting Thoughts

In the past couple of weeks, I sat down with three seniors to gather their thoughts about their four years at Branson. I hoped to gain some insight for my next two years, hear some advice about life, and to get to know the people

An Inside Look at a Branson Senior’s Twitter

By Amanda Douglas and Aidan Linscott Social media is a communication platform that is constantly changing what we share and how we share it. It is ubiquitous among millennials, even beginning to expand into the lives of young kids, but everybody uses it in their

An Interview with Mr. Ma

Carl Ma has been a science teacher at Branson for a number of years. Along the way, he has taught biology, chemistry, and has led the annual Island School trip. Besides his passion for teaching, he enthusiastically jumps at any chance to play ultimate frisbee, and

A Walk with Honick

Storied history professor Jonas Honick is a renowned figure on campus. From his current position as history teacher, to  his former roles as basketball coach, senior dean, and department head, Honick has played an integral role in the Branson community. Of course, many of us