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Branson Coughs Up Answers About Flu Season Study

  It’s no surprise that it’s flu season when the sky is as muddled as one feels waking up on Monday with a sore throat. Illness appears insurmountable this time of year, not to mention that we are saturated with microbes. However, knowledgeable members of

An Inside Look at a Branson Senior’s Twitter

By Amanda Douglas and Aidan Linscott Social media is a communication platform that is constantly changing what we share and how we share it. It is ubiquitous among millennials, even beginning to expand into the lives of young kids, but everybody uses it in their

University of Missouri Protests Inspire Revolution

Student protests at the University of Missouri illustrate that the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement, sparked by the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, continues to grow. The protests have inspired further activism from college students all over the country. Students from colleges such as Yale University, UCLA, Itacha

An Interview with Mr. Ma

Carl Ma has been a science teacher at Branson for a number of years. Along the way, he has taught biology, chemistry, and has led the annual Island School trip. Besides his passion for teaching, he enthusiastically jumps at any chance to play ultimate frisbee, and

An Exclusive Interview with Presidential Candidate Lloyd Kelso

Lloyd Kelso is a presidential candidate running for the Democratic nomination in 2016. He is an attorney specializing in family law from Gastonia, NC. He describes himself as a moderate Democrat, and you can find out more about his campaign at his website,, or

New Mural a Step Forward for On-Campus Art at Branson

Take a stroll down the open walkway that connect Branson’s lower circle to its hub of classrooms, and it likely won’t take long to notice the colossal array of vibrant colors and symbols that adorns an entire wall of the school’s gym. Continue another hundred

A Walk with Honick

Storied history professor Jonas Honick is a renowned figure on campus. From his current position as history teacher, to  his former roles as basketball coach, senior dean, and department head, Honick has played an integral role in the Branson community. Of course, many of us