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Food Review

A week in January 2017 Wednesday Jan 11: Beef & Mushroom Ragu with Potatoes Wow. This was a pretty impressive meal! The potatoes are always very good and crispy, and (although I don’t personally like mushrooms) the meat was amazing, with a savory sauce and

Restorative Justice in Marin: Youth Court

In 2015 I signed up for a program called Youth Court at Branson’s Community Engagement Fair. I didn’t come around to attending one of the trials until last month when I found myself free on a Thursday night and decided to try it out. Teenagers

School News: To Go or Not To Go To Prom

By Amanda Douglas, Avani Bahl, and Aidan Linscott With prom approaching, the polarizing topic of “promposals” has been circulating amongst students, faculty, and administration, generating many different opinions. As at many other high schools, Branson students will often ask others to Prom with flowers, posters,

Opinion: Save Our Meme

Regardless of your personal stance on the naming of the MEME Center, the naming process has become much more than intended. It has become about the upholding of democracy, the keeping of promises, and the right to free speech. The argument that the students do

Behind the Scenes of the Laramie Project

Less than a month away another play will run in the Branson theater. The Laramie Project, unlike other plays of previous years, has sixty-eight roles as opposed to the usual dozen. The Branson theater department will fill these parts with twenty four actors taking on

Opinion: Should You Go to College?

Yes. That is the automatic response that the vast majority, if not all, of Branson students will give if posed that question.  Not only is that what we are essentially trained to say in response, but many Americans consider that a hypothetical or rhetorical question.