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The Dickens Fair

Christmas, 1851. London. Emerging from the fog, a woman in a green satin gown ducks into the doorway of a shop. Pausing among the holly-bedecked shelves, she pulls out her iPhone. “Siri, where is Pickwick Place?” Welcome to the Dickens Fair. For a few weekends

Enter the Tissue Ninja

It’s cold season, and intrepid ninja Anne Overton must once again don her ninja gear to embark on a quest across the classroom. This stunningly profound short film makes us ask such questions as: Why are we here? What is our purpose? And, most important

Monthly Music Reviews: Night Sweats and 1989

Beginning with this article, The Blazer will publish a monthly music review covering new indie and alternative music. September and August have been big months for the genres, with a hot release from an up-and-coming artist, and a new album from an old alternative stalwart.