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Crafting Holiday Presents

As the holiday season approaches, present-buying season comes with it, hand in hand. The malls become more crowded, with the constant bustle of holiday shoppers, and prices skyrocket because of demand. And, of course, some people find shopping with the big crowds fun. But what

Theatresports Waits in the Wings

Branson’s beginning acting class entertained fellow students this week with Theatresports: a competitive acting performance involving improv skill-building activities and skits. The bout acted as practice for a larger all-grade Theatresports event, set for January 13 at 6:30pm in the Jewett Family Theater. All are welcome to attend.

New Mural a Step Forward for On-Campus Art at Branson

Take a stroll down the open walkway that connect Branson’s lower circle to its hub of classrooms, and it likely won’t take long to notice the colossal array of vibrant colors and symbols that adorns an entire wall of the school’s gym. Continue another hundred