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“Sing Street” Hits Theaters – And Misses

This time of year, it’s often hard for movies made by smaller companies to be heard over the din of big blockbusters. Although this is often accepted as ‘just the way it is,’ many audiences, disillusioned with the pompous, overbearing, and utterly plotless failure that was

One Play, 24 Actors, 68 Characters

On March 17th-19th, Branson acting teacher and director Maura Vaughn and a cast of Branson students will put on The Laramie Project, a play based on interviews with the townspeople of Laramie, Wyoming who lived during the murder of Matthew Shepard. Maura described why she

Behind the Scenes of the Laramie Project

Less than a month away another play will run in the Branson theater. The Laramie Project, unlike other plays of previous years, has sixty-eight roles as opposed to the usual dozen. The Branson theater department will fill these parts with twenty four actors taking on