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The Blazer’s 2015 Oscar Best Picture Movie Marathon

By Robert Steiner: The Oscars: the most coveted award in the film industry and the only award named after some person’s uncle. Over the years, the golden statuette has rewarded a wide spectrum in the history of cinema, honoring both timeless classics and movies no

Branson Celebrates 40 Years of Dance Performances at Body Talk

By Amanda Douglas: On January 30th and 31st, Body Talk ’15, Branson’s Winter Dance Concert, was held. This year’s performance was themed “In the Realm of the Heart.” The show was largely choreographed by Georgia Ortega, who, prior to the show, commented, “I am very

Connor Jackett Shoots Down Free Throw Contest Record

By Krish Chinai:   On Saturday, January 31, Branson junior Connor Jackett set the new record at the Marin County Free Throw Championships at Drake High School. Connor shattered both the previous record, and his own personal record, by a long shot. Participants first had

Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, the biggest question many ask is: “what shall I do?” Before asking yourself that question, you should begin to consider whether or not you have that special someone to spend the day with. Below are lists of activities if

The Blazer Sports Podcast – Episode I

In this week’s inaugural episode, The Blazer’s sports editor, Jacob Goldstein, touches on Deflategate, and whether the NFL will be able to come up with enough evidence to punish the Patriots. He also speaks about the Pro Bowl, and the blemish that it is on

Student Senate Tackles Football and Other Issues

  Student Senate has been off to a busy first half of the year, and unlike recent years, they are working to tackle problems from the start rather than waiting for issues that need solving. One of the biggest issues they faced was what to

Another Thing We Learned from Ferguson and Eric Garner

    I’m not touching the Ferguson case with a ten-foot pole. Nor will I analyze the Eric Garner case, other than mentioning the fact that the supervising sergeant, on the scene during his killing, was an African-American woman. Both cases are complex legal situations,

Taylor Swift, “1989”: A Review

by Robert Steiner TAYLOR SWIFT, “1989” RATING: 3 OUT OF 5 STARS There’s a point in many artists’ career where they decide to try something completely different and transform their sound and image. For the Beatles, it was Sgt. Pepper’s. For Michael Jackson, it was