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Behind the Scenes of the Laramie Project

Less than a month away another play will run in the Branson theater. The Laramie Project, unlike other plays of previous years, has sixty-eight roles as opposed to the usual dozen. The Branson theater department will fill these parts with twenty four actors taking on

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day approaches again,considered a day of love and closeness, also contains traces of tension. The festivity around campus is not dampened by that fact and acts as a clear reminder of the yearly occurrence. In the commons, cafe adds mention of sweets, and large

Theatresports Waits in the Wings

Branson’s beginning acting class entertained fellow students this week with Theatresports: a competitive acting performance involving improv skill-building activities and skits. The bout acted as practice for a larger all-grade Theatresports event, set for January 13 at 6:30pm in the Jewett Family Theater. All are welcome to attend.