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Branson To Build a Makers Lab

  Branson plans to open its new Makers Lab to the community between late January and early-to-mid February, with the stated goal of bringing Branson into the 21st century technologically.  School officials say the converted Old Dining Hall will provide an open space with tables and equipment

Branson Questions AP Future

Branson did not offer an AP Modern World History class this fall trimester for the first time in recent memory. The decision reflects a trend of fewer Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings at the school, as well as a debate over whether or not Branson’s

Marin’s Law Breaking Biker Epidemic

Many bikers in Marin do not heed traffic laws, which endangers them and everyone else at intersections. It is frustrating, dangerous, and scary to drive behind an erratic biker because they rarely behave how a car would. Bikers must follow the same laws that cars

Girls Fear Dress Code Reforms

Amid the discussion about Branson’s dress code, many girls worry that any change to school policy could unfairly target them for wearing clothing of their choosing. The current dress code states that students cannot dress in an “overly revealing” way, but does not specifically state