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Blade Runner Movie Poster

Review: Blade Runner 2049

by Charlotte Leane Set 30 years after the cult sci-fi classic film Blade Runner, a sequel, Blade Runner 2049, revisits the wildly original, imaginative dystopian world which in 1982 quietly took the world by storm. Although (in the humble opinion of this reviewer) nothing can

Food Review

A week in January 2017 Wednesday Jan 11: Beef & Mushroom Ragu with Potatoes Wow. This was a pretty impressive meal! The potatoes are always very good and crispy, and (although I don’t personally like mushrooms) the meat was amazing, with a savory sauce and

The Dickens Fair

Christmas, 1851. London. Emerging from the fog, a woman in a green satin gown ducks into the doorway of a shop. Pausing among the holly-bedecked shelves, she pulls out her iPhone. “Siri, where is Pickwick Place?” Welcome to the Dickens Fair. For a few weekends

“Sing Street” Hits Theaters – And Misses

This time of year, it’s often hard for movies made by smaller companies to be heard over the din of big blockbusters. Although this is often accepted as ‘just the way it is,’ many audiences, disillusioned with the pompous, overbearing, and utterly plotless failure that was

April Fools’ Horoscopes

Pisces February 19–March 20 Your sign is a fish. A fish. I mean, seriously, how lame is that? All the other signs are, like, raging bulls, or mythical archers, or terminal diseases or something. But you have a fish. I hope you’re happy. Aries March