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Enter the Tissue Ninja

It’s cold season, and intrepid ninja Anne Overton must once again don her ninja gear to embark on a quest across the classroom. This stunningly profound short film makes us ask such questions as: Why are we here? What is our purpose? And, most important

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Branson Volleyball Advances to State

Updated 1:51 pm 12/3/15 Branson Volleyball advanced to State after a come from behind victory in the Norcal Finals on Tuesday night. Branson lost the first two games, but rallied to win the match, taking the final three games from rival Notre Dame of Salinas.

Students Respond to Dean Porter’s Departure

In an unexpected email on Tuesday, Interim Head of School Ellen Moceri announced that Dean of Students and Freshmen Susan Porter would no longer be working at Branson. Many students expressed their feelings about the news over the past few days by placing post-it notes and

Branson Appoints Its Next Head of School

Branson has chosen Christina Mazzola as its next Head of School. She will begin her tenure as Branson’s Head of School in July of 2016. Head search committee members made the announcement to both students and faculty during an October 19 assembly. Dean, Spanish teacher,

Whose Cup? The Hockey Finals Are Worth a Look

By Aidan Linscott: Ice hockey. That sport most Americans associate with maple syrup, moose, and people that are Santa’s neighbors.  Many have never even heard of the Stanley Cup.  Unfortunately, the final tournament of the National Hockey League is drowned out in the media by

Schwarzenegger Fans: ‘Ex Machina’ Presents a New Android

  By Aidan Linscott: Ex Machina changes the game for blockbuster films exploring the alluring, yet frightening prospect of artificial intelligence. Many productions addressing the age-old science fiction topic of AI rivaling human intelligence present a violent conflict between machines and humans. Director Alex Garland

“Great Changes” – Students Come Out at Assembly

  By Amanda Douglas: On March 26th, the school sat in the Jewett Family Theater after a series of announcements during a Monday assembly, when I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross washed over the crowd. Four students ran up the stairs and onto the stage.

Seniors Yet to Recieve Approval for Prank

By Krish Chinai: Every year, Branson’s senior class can host “Senior Prank Day,” a day with a well-designed prank on the rest of the school. So far, however, Branson’s seniors have pitched two ideas that have not been approved by the administration. The first idea