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Who the Puck is Stanley?

Chances are, you misclicked and are looking for the article on the NBA Playoffs, which can be found here.  If by some miracle you are interested in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, then…welcome, o’ most unexpected reader! The 2016 tournament is shaping up to be fantastic

School News: To Go or Not To Go To Prom

By Amanda Douglas, Avani Bahl, and Aidan Linscott With prom approaching, the polarizing topic of “promposals” has been circulating amongst students, faculty, and administration, generating many different opinions. As at many other high schools, Branson students will often ask others to Prom with flowers, posters,

A New Jam for Branson Traffic

In mid-February, Ned Pinger, Branson’s assistant head of school for strategic initiatives, sent an email to the student body and faculty announcing changes to Branson’s parking policies. The changes, unexpected, were met with a wide range of opinions. In the email, Pinger states that these

Pram 2k16 In Review

By Amanda Douglas, Avani Bahl, and Aidan Linscott WOW! I mean, wow. Just—wow. Holy wow. Wow. Prom was amazing. Truly incredibly. A spectacular feat of decorative engineering* and creative power. I’m really sorry if you missed it. The last minute change of date was a

Opinion: Should You Go to College?

Yes. That is the automatic response that the vast majority, if not all, of Branson students will give if posed that question.  Not only is that what we are essentially trained to say in response, but many Americans consider that a hypothetical or rhetorical question.

An Inside Look at a Branson Senior’s Twitter

By Amanda Douglas and Aidan Linscott Social media is a communication platform that is constantly changing what we share and how we share it. It is ubiquitous among millennials, even beginning to expand into the lives of young kids, but everybody uses it in their