Tradition, Honor and Spirit?


A daily schedule at Branson leaves no free time, unless you’re genius. With tons of homework, demanding sports, and extracurriculars after school, there is just not enough time. In our impossibly busy days, it would be a miracle to relax with friends and not worry about the next academic assignment.

Every so often we hear athletes pleading for support from our community, but usually no more than five people show up. This is a problem. Everyday when an athlete walks to the gym, there are the bright and vibrant white, blue, and green banners screaming, “Spirit, Tradition and Honor.” Knowing that some of these warm inspiring words will never follow you to your game, race or match degrades one’s self-esteem.

Based on a survey, 85% of people feel like their fall sport has a lack of support and spirit. Most of them felt like their sport is boring because of how long it is. It is even more discouraging if no one comes to see them play when it is a home game at Branson or COM. Our community ignores the hard earned work you put in, even when it’s in front of them.

Having a friend or two cheering you along the sidelines could not only boost your confidence level, but also your enjoyment of the sport. Even if they are there for a fleeting minute, the act of someone finding time in their day to see you do something that you enjoy could mean the world to them.

A very controversial topic is the funding of sports. Of course sports that have done exceedingly well in their respective fields should get more funding than others, but some teams feel like their basic needs aren’t met. Based on the survey, the cross-country participants seemed to understand the lack of school spirit; however, they feel as though some essential necessities to the sport are absent. While Branson isn’t the best at cross-country, the team no longer receives warm up suits, a water tank or a tent for shade. Many athletes believe that they don’t necessarily need any more funding, but that it would make sense to spread school funding equally throughout every Branson team. Nadine Lee, a girls golf player believes that they “still deserve the same amount of equipment as other teams”; however, there are certain sports that need a crazy amount of equipment!”.

A new development in the Branson community is the Sports Broadcasting club that can easily boost our community’s lack of spirit. A real concern shown by some athletes is that the club currently seems to be only focused on football. By raising awareness in unsupported sports they can drastically improve the spirit of Branson as a whole. By covering a wide variety of sports and having consistent media streaming, we can regain our tradition of a spirited student body.

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