Countdown to the Election

Countdown to the Election

By Adriana Golden

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-13-55-amphoto from USA today, 6/7/2016

As the final week before the election looms before the candidates, the American electorate has shifted once more. Between Donald Trump’s recently-released tape of lewd comments about groping women to Hillary Clinton’s private email server fiasco, voters feel more confused than ever.

In CNN’s Poll of Polls, the average of the five largest national polls, Democratic nominee Mrs. Clinton leads Republican nominee Mr. Trump by 4 percentage points, 45% to 41%, respectively. The gap between the two candidates has been widening, and many attribute this change to the scandalous “Trump Tape” released by the Washington Post.

“[Trump’s comments are] absolutely disgusting,” states a Branson senior. “A man who has no respect for women beyond their sexual attractiveness has no place in the Oval Office.”

This seems to be the general consensus of the Branson electorate that participated in the Mock Election on October 11. The Branson population leans left. Even before the exact results were in, pollsters in the history department predicted that Mrs. Clinton was Branson’s choice.

Sure enough, when the final results were presented at October 17’s assembly by Mr. Richards, Clinton had swept by a landslide. 73% of the Branson community had voted in her favor, compared to Trump’s 16% of support. Green party candidate Jill Stein came in third, with a remarkable 5%.

While these results were not unexpected, they leave the few conservatives in our community feeling stifled and uncomfortable expressing their views.

“I get that [Trump] might not be the best option, but I honestly think he will bring needed change to Washington,” said a junior.

Although Branson may be overwhelmingly liberal, the strife between establishment Democrats and Republicans mirrors the deep political divides of our own country.

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