Three Seniors’ Parting Thoughts

In the past couple of weeks, I sat down with three seniors to gather their thoughts about their four years at Branson. I hoped to gain some insight for my next two years, hear some advice about life, and to get to know the people I had seen walking around campus a little better. Alina, Jasmine, and Romone all remarked on how quickly it all went by and how difficult Branson can be, but they also advised that we should take advantage of our time here, as Branson offers so many opportunities in and outside of the classroom. The people, the experiences, and the time spent doing what we love are most important, so we shouldn’t take them for granted.

Click on each of the photos below to read the seniors’ thoughts about their time at Branson.

Photos by Paulina Prosnitz and Sophie Devincenti
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Sophie Devincenti

Sophie Devincenti is a senior at Branson and the Editor in Chief of the Blazer. She has written for the Blazer for three years and focuses on human interest stories and photojournalism. She enjoys art, reading, running track, and playing volleyball.

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