Opinion: Save Our Meme

Inside the Meme Center

Inside the Meme Center, Photo: Aidan Linscott

Regardless of your personal stance on the naming of the MEME Center, the naming process has become much more than intended. It has become about the upholding of democracy, the keeping of promises, and the right to free speech.

The argument that the students do not want the space to be called the MEME Center is misguided. MEME Center won the popular vote, thus it was the most popular name among voting individuals. If the majority of students actually wanted a different name, then that would imply that they did not vote. Perhaps the victory of the MEME Center was due to apathy in the student body, or a lack of understanding of democracy. Each student was given an equal voice, and in order for the system to work, each student who had an opinion had to voice that opinion. Those who were passionate about a certain name choice made their choice clear, thus working with the established system.

Though the overtones of the chosen name may not align with the ideals of the powers that be, they are the overtones that the student body evidently prefers. The name works with the guidelines previously set and the acronym fits the purpose of the space. Despite the extensive review process that the names went through, no one thought it pertinent to eliminate MEME Center for its alleged inappropriateness. Only after it was chosen did the powers that be take a closer look at the meaning of MEME and deem it unacceptable. It was not previously made clear that the name could could not include a sense of humor or irony.

Branson is repressing the voice of its students. Considering the rough transition period Branson is going through, it seems that the least Branson could do is keep its promises to its students.

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