From Champs to Chumps: Branson’s Thought on the 49ers

In recent years, the San Francisco 49ers have excelled through their star quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. In 2012, they made it to the Super Bowl and the year after made it to the Conference championship. Unfortunately, they have hit an abrupt bump in their path back to the super bowl after a departure from experienced coach, Jim Harbaugh. His absence left a negative impact on the entire team as a whole.

Many people blame the quarterback, Kaepernick who over the first eight weeks of the season, received a passer rating of 78.8. That is 28th out of 33 quarterbacks. Junior Ben Weisel, a huge fan of the NFL stated, “Colin Kaepernick is the victim of a terrible offensive line”. With that being said, the 49ers decided to bench Kaepernick and roll with backup, Blaine Gabbert against a tough Falcons team. Gabbers actually looked great, as the Niners took down the high riding Falcons. Junior Nick Marwell, a fan of the Green Bay Packers, said, “I think Colin Kaepernick getting benched exemplifies the terrible outing of the 49ers as a whole”. Although Branson is bummed that the 49ers seem devoid of a playoff push, an early draft pick next year and a new look at quarterback could maybe give fans a bit more hope.

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