Seniors Yet to Recieve Approval for Prank

By Krish Chinai:

Every year, Branson’s senior class can host “Senior Prank Day,” a day with a well-designed prank on the rest of the school. So far, however, Branson’s seniors have pitched two ideas that have not been approved by the administration.

The first idea was to turn Branson into the Rancho Cordova Motel in Sacramento, the location in which former Headmaster Woody Price was caught and arrested. Senior Senate member Adam Libresco says the idea involved students “dressing up as bellhops, to perhaps have mugshots posted around campus, to greet everyone with their room key, and perhaps have breakfast and snacks complimentary.” When presenting the idea to Mr. Kerby, Adam says he “smiled and nodded,” before sharing this idea with the deans. Unsurprisingly, Adam says one dean viewed the idea as “100% offensive,” shooting the idea down.

Adam explains that the second idea was to turn Branson into a “frat row,” in which Seniors “could turn different buildings into different fraternities, dress up as frat boys, and play water pong on the bridge.” Again, this idea was denied, as Adam says that the deans believed this plan “reeked of misogyny, date rape and racism.” As a result, the Seniors are still in the process of approving an idea.

On looking back at previous Senior pranks, Branson history teacher Jonas Honick remembers a prank from the early 1980s, in which “a group of boys got a VW, took it apart and put it back together in Richardson Hall.” Honick believes that was “the most clever” prank he could remember. Fellow history teacher Hilary Schmitt explains that when Branson had a “depressed quad that was all cement,” the Seniors “sealed it and filled it up with water and turned it into a pool!” They then apparently floated around in the water with pool floaties. Her advice to the senior class for thinking of an exciting prank was simply, “Don’t be lame, be awesome!”

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